‘WEEN DREAM is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives free Halloween costumes to children in need.  Donate a costume and give the gift of Halloween!

The 2019 Halloween Costume Application window is open until August 30*!

‘WEEN DREAM will be accepting costume applications for the following:

  • Individuals/families:

    • Parents/guardians applying on behalf of their children currently residing in the home

    • One (1) child must be in need* and siblings will be included to receive costumes

    • Ages newborn to 5th grade and sizes newborn to children’s XL, or 14/16

  • Group & school leaders :

    • Executive directors, principals, program directors, etc. applying on behalf of a group that is in need*.

    • Local (Greater New Orleans area) and national (outside of the Greater New Orleans area) groups

      • Maximum costume request - Local (100 costumes) and National (50 costumes)

    • Ages newborn to 5th grade and sizes newborn to children’s XL, or 14/16

    *In need

    • Examples of children "in need" include those living in poverty, children with serious medical issues, children with special needs, children with mental and/or physical disabilities, and children who have recently experienced a traumatic event (such as a natural disaster).

*Applications are typically accepted through mid-August, depending on the number of applicants. As a small, all-volunteer nonprofit, we take as many kids as we can each year. We recommend applying as early as possible in order to increase the chance we are able to accept your child(ren) into the program.

Thank you for understanding!

3001 River Rd., Jefferson, LA 70121